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MageBot Tibia 10.22 Download

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MageBot Tibia 10.22 Download Empty MageBot Tibia 10.22 Download

Post by asprate on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:33 am

MageBot Tibia 10.22 Download

MageBot is new professional client modification for the MMORPG Tibia.
Built mainly for the druid and sorcerer class but adaptable for any class. All features in detail you can read on the
features page. Also note that because of the recent anti-bot stance taken by Cipsoft, our software is only officially
licensed and recommended for use on otserv.


   *AutoSSA functions better when healing
   *AutoLooter speed and reliability improved
   *Heal Friend is now always active once checked and much faster
   *FOLLOW and CHASE hotkeys now work with the native client follow and chase enemy
   *Camoflauge works with all outfits and is faster
   *Cavebot has a new toss loot from first backpack on ground mode called DumpLoot
   *Cavebot treats the last bp inside the mana bp in the ground bp as brand new ground bp. No more need to change manas
    when your 20 extra bps are gone!


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